Peacework Quilt

Contemplative poetic daily readings for people from any faith tradition or none.

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Judith Carpenter writes from the heart and mines from the depths of her soul, yet her words are translucent and accessible…. Nothing is beyond the scope of her pen, which writes over and over of the oneness of all things. It is a rare and beautiful gift to see into the day-to-day heart of how an inner life works. Not only is it a delight to the reader’s soul, but Judith shows the way for us all with her honesty and clear perception… simply letting us know that “everything belongs.”

Tess Ward, Anglican priest, hospital chaplain, author: The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Part of the role of a poet is to recall our attention to the layers of meaning and beauty held within each moment, each day. Judith Carpenter elegantly fulfills this role by providing us with daily reminders and points of access for newly appreciating the preciousness of life and the world we live in.

Philip Osgood, Buddhist practitioner, writing facilitator, editor: Awakening Through Love

I enjoyed reading this wise and gentle book. Judith Carpenter’s warm-hearted approach to the spiritual life both nourishes your spirit and invites you to go deeper. This book will be helpful to anyone looking for soulful accompaniment on the journey towards a deeper peace.

Catherine Whitmire, Quaker, author: Plain Living; Practicing Peace

Judith Carpenter’s poems dance on the page, inviting your heart and soul to sing your song to life, to the Holy One. Find a quiet place and take space to read these poems, one at a time. Dwell in the questions they raise and the peace they bring.

Klara Tammany, spiritual director, author: Living Water, Director: The Center for Wisdom’s Women in Lewiston, Maine